14th of August

14th of August, the independence day of our beloved country Pakistan, it is the day when the dream of Allama Muhammad Iqbal was fulfilled and it is the day when Muhammad Ali Jinnah won the greatest trial of his life- a separate country for the Muslims of India.

On 11:50 PM, 13th of August 1947, RJ Mustafa Ali Hamdani live from radio station All India Lahore announced a break and on 00:05 AM of 14th August 1947, congratulated the nation with the greatest news ever possible “YE RADIO PAKISTAN HY, AAP KO PAKISTAN MUBARIK HO”. This news brought the greatest happiness for Muslim. All their efforts had been paid off, for what they believed in and what they wanted for their children and generations to come.

Where 14th of August 1947 marked a new beginning for the Muslims of India, it also resulted in one of the greatest migration in the history accompanied with millions of Muslims robbed, millions of women raped, millions of Muslims including elderly people, children and even infants massacred. Houses were burnt, the migrating caravans were looted and killed only because they wanted a separate country for themselves where they could live according to their religion Islam.

On 14th of August 1947, a separate country was achieved but the real problem had just begun. The main problem at that time was the settlement of the refugees. The main reason for this were the financial assets which were meant to be divided and distributed equally between the two countries- India and Pakistan, which either never reached Pakistan or were received ⅓ of the part actually promised. Had the assets been distributed with justice, this newly formed country would have face a little less problems. Same happened with the military assets, which kept Pakistan vulnerable for quite a time. Still, this newly emerged country was gradually, though very difficultly, fighting the problems and not giving up.

Then emerged the problem of Kashmir. The people of Kashmir were to decide through referendum about affiliation with Pakistan and India. They voted in the favor of Pakistan as 77% of Kashmir population were Muslims, but due to India’s forced intermeddling that matter also became an issue still unresolved.

Then many more problems came both major and minor, both on international and national even regional level, wars came but this country, its people and its brave army never gave up.

Yes there are unjust and corrupt people but BEHOLD! There are people who would never think for a second before sacrificing their life for this beloved country. There is a big portion of people who are working very hard for the development and progress of this country.

We, the Pakistanis, believe and its our faith that Pakistan will stand forever and ever, after all it came into being on 27th Ramzan ul Mubarik. We will fight for it, we will work for it no matter what.

موج بڑھے یا آندھی آئے، دیا جلائے رکھنا ہے
گھر کی خاطر سو دکھ جھیلیں، گھر تو آخر اپنا ہے

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