A Habit fading Away…

A Habit fading Away…, Knowledge is power and knowledge comes from books. The magic of a good book is palpable. It frees the soul from the banalities of everyday life and allows it to travel it to the worlds.

It makes you walk in other people’s shoes and feel the unimaginable. It also has lasting influences on one’s personality determining the kind of person, friend, lover, citizen and leader you will be. Reading shapes our way towards our destination.

Steve Jobs has an ardent interest in the works of English Poet, William Blake. The founder of Nike, Phil Knight is so protective about his library that one has to take off their shoes and bow before entering. And Winston Churchill’s devotion to pen, earned him a Nobel Prize in Literature instead of peace.

Reading can pave ways to express yourself too. Good readers are good writer ultimately. Reading opens a number of ways in which one can express himself. One can find appropriate words for the ideas that are in his mind. A man can learn either by reading or association with smart people.

Influential minds have always revered books and been shaped by them. Reading is a healthy activity and it’s fading in our society. A habit which must be encourage at all stages of life and is not encourage at very basic level among us. Our kid’s attention is caught by the recent invention rather than books. Books are no more interesting for them.

Very few pupils are book lovers. Due to this least interest of public in books the book shops have also slowly and gradually disappeared. In Peshawar there are a lot of shops for curriculum books but very few shops for general public. It’s hard to find recently published book in Peshawar because of scarcity of good book shops.

Reading is as important for mind as exercise is important for body. One should read not only to entertain himself but to become less judgmental and more versatile. It makes a person mind broader and enable him to know about various social, moral, political and economic issues. He enters the world of knowledge and his hunt for knowledge keeps on compelling him to know the unknown.

I hope everyone that is reading this is having a really good day. And if you are not, just know that in every new minute that passes you have an opportunity to change.

“The strongest memory is weaker than the palest ink”

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