About Us

We are a group of professionals ranging from, management, development, legal experts, political analysts, health professionals and media. The team is not only contributing in South Asia but also in Europe, United States and Australia. We are supporting culture, environment and heritage all around the world. Our slogan is “Non Discrimination in race, color, cast, religion and sect”. We are open to your ideas, you only have to pen it.

The quarantine time was very difficult for the professionals. The team decided to make a Skype call to all the relevant contributors for developing a page that would at least give us a forum for venting out. So we decided to develop a page that can give a platform to all of us to share our ideas, stories, information, infotainment and something to think about. We got suggestions higher as mountains and wide as oceans as everyone wanted to make it wholesome. So you are going to get information on current affairs, politics, health & well-being, culture and heritage, food and nutrition, Law and order and you name it and we will pen it.

All of you can pen it too depending on your area of interest, we are giving opportunity to beginners and experts on the same platform. All you have to do is contribute. Other contributors will be our team and people around the world who will provide information on history, law, politics, current affairs, entertainment, infotainment, information technology and anything that is new.

Who pens it is welcome just, have to be ethical, realistic, truthful and practical.