Ajab Khan Afridi

While traveling on the road from Kohat to Peshawar you must have observed the statue of a man on a road side. Have you ever thought who’s it is? This is the statue of Ajab Khan Afridi, who fought against the British in 1923. The fight got its intensity when Ajab Khan Afridi started targeting the Kohat army base and other important areas. During his fights, he not only killed many British soldiers but also took a lot of weapons from them.

One day the British army attacked his house and misbehaved morally with his mother. He took an oath to make the British pay for what they did to his mother. He had only few patriotic people with him supporting him in his cause, but still this did not come in his path.

So, one day Ajab Khan Afridi raided the house of a senior British army officer and kidnapped his daughter Alice. Her mother was killed as she was trying to raise the alarm. The British army was astonished at how he raided such a high alert place so easily and successfully and only with few people.

Ajab Khan Afridi took Alice to a cave in near the Kohat tunnel area. He kept her for 10 days with him and later got the refuge in Afghanistan. The Afghani government not only gave him refuge but also gave him many acres area in Mazar Sharif (Afghanistan). The British government put 1 lac rupees (now a days equals to crores) price on his head.

After 9 months the Afghani government settled this matter between the British government and Ajab Khan Afridi. After reaching a successful agreement, miss Alice was delivered at Torkham border.

After performing several medical check ups, they found that Ajab Khan Afridi kept miss Alice with full respect and dignity all this time and never made a single attempt on her. Upon knowing this, the British were very astonished, so much that Alice’s father said if he had not killed his wife he not only would have forgiven him but also granted him high prize.

This man was a true Muslim and pathan. Our history is full of such brave heroes but nobody knows and their names are fainting from the pages of the history, which is very unfair to the new coming generation. They must be told about such brave, patriotic and noble heroes.

In 1985, miss Alice visited Ajab Khan Afridi’ home in Darra Adam Khail and the place where she was kept a hostage. She talk about how noble and a great man He was.

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