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Answer Your Child, Few months back, after watching a cartoon, my 4 years old kid asked me that why things float in the space, my answer to this 4 years old was because there is no gravity in the space that’s why. My kid being a kid asked further what is this gravity thing? I answered in the simplest way possible that it is the attraction of earth. Yes, that really were my answers.

Not only these, i nearly answer all the questions as honestly as i can, of course i try my best to keep it simple but still i answer correctly. I know a 4 years old doesn’t understand this type of stuff but i believe in answering every thing truly.

I am not an expert on child psychology but i have learned it from my elders, just answer the kids’ question. I am not teaching parenting, as every parent knows how to train and mold his child. I am merely putting forward some ideas because parents should always welcome an idea no matter where it comes from.

So, months later my kid came to me with a dump truck and told me that it is flying. I said that a dump truck can not fly, my kid answered no actually it is in the outer space and there is no gravity. (Shocking right!! KIDS DO REMEMBER) I think, now you know what i am trying to say.

Kids are curious by nature and their curiosity is their best teacher. You send your kid to school he/she spends nearly 6 hours there, school is important but what about homeschooling “as well”? School is following the traditional and already set curriculum which is of course best for them but what do you think will lead your child if you try explaining things to your kid in an enjoyable way.

Its not very hard just answer their question, try to be simple and just tell it once, try keeping it a conversation not a lecture. If he asks more questions you just answer him if he stops, do not talk more or explain more. Just follow his lead and Answer Your Child. Do not discourage his questions, polish his curiosity. Make him enable to figure things out on his own and appreciate.

Today we have engineers, scientists, doctors and what not. We have no shortcoming of any talent in any field but still we don’t have any Salahudin Ayubi, we don’t have any Jabir bin Hayyan.

We don’t have Tariq bin Ziyad, we don’t have Alkhwarzmi, we don’t have Jalalludin Rumi. Because our mothers (especially) are busy in social working, brands, fashion and her own activities. That is a good thing but when you are a parent your kid comes first. You are not raising a kid, you are raising a society, so please be responsible.

Invest you time in your child. Don’t make him a bookworm, make every thing interesting, like; if he wants to jump in the puddle just let him jump in the puddle, let him experience what it is like, explain to him about the puddles that how it came into being, how it rained, about the germs and why should he wash hands after playing, explain the concept of stains.

The concept of cleanliness, the concept why should he have a separate suit for such games etc etc. These were just examples, just let your kid do whatever he wants and answer him, just introduce one word, and then the remaining job is his, you don’t need to do any extra effort.

Just keep in mind a good school is not enough for a kid. Don’t aim to make your kid a good scientist or a good bureaucrat, aim to give the society another Salahuddin Ayubi or Nooruddin Zangi. Give him the courage of Tariq bin Ziyad. Make him the true “Shaheen” of Iqbal. We, the Muslim World, really need them.

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