Auto Industry Demands Separate Policy

Auto Industry Demands Separate Policy, Ali Asghar Jamali is the chief executive of Indus motor company limited. He demands a separate policy for the promotion of hybrid vehicles. He said that government facilitates vendors and also reduces their dependency on important parts. Hamad Azhar was the minister of the industries. He presents this demand to the minister of industries. That he wants a separate hybrid vehicle policy similar to the electric vehicle policy. This demand is approved by the government in December 2020. After this, it is reported that the minister of industries to make a new auto policy, and the hybrid vehicle will include in this. This will be finalized in the upcoming months. In June, the current five-year policy will expire.

Auto Industry Demands Separate Policy for Hybrid Vehicles

A senior official said that the world moves toward hybrid vehicles instead of electric vehicles because electric vehicles require serious infrastructure and charging points. They also need a new set of vendors and repair mechanics. Chief executive of Indus motor company limited, Ali Asghar Jamali said that it takes a further two years for the approval of the policy of hybrid vehicles. Hybrid vehicles are better than electric vehicles. These are also environmentally friendly. They do not create much smoke as created by local vehicles. Because local vehicles and private cars produce a lot of air pollution and as results, respiratory diseases would occur in others, because their smoke is carcinogens and produce a lot of pollutants, which pollutants are harmful to us and our health affected by these kinds of sources. So government should also take action to promote hybrid vehicles in countries. Because they help to control pollution. Due to hybrid vehicles, there will be a reduction in air pollution will be seen. So we have to promote this and also launch this in developing countries because these countries are more suffering from this pollution.

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