Cancer A disease caused by an uncontrolled division

A disease caused by an uncontrolled division of abnormal cells in a part of the body. The life rule of the cells is to get the signals and then either grow, divide, multiply or even die- in simple words, to follow the signals’ order. But sometimes due to some problem in these signals or in the cell system themselves the cells do not follow the signals but instead an abnormal and uncontrolled growth, cell division and proliferation of these abnormal cells occur that is the state called cancer. So cancer is actually not a disease but it is a disorder. Due to this proliferation the genome of such cells change from that of the original or normal cells leading to mutation in the DNA.

The next stage of the cancer may be metastasis. Metastasis is the spread of the cancer from one specific organ or tissue to other ones. With the increase in metastasis the severity of the cancer also increases. Metastasis increases the chances of fatality by 90%. But the cancer may not necessarily spread. However, the study of metastasis is important because it gives the knowledge about the site from which the cancer started. This primary site of the cancer will determine the type of the cancer.


On the basis of metastasis, the cancer can be divides into two types. Namely,

  • Malignant cancer and
  • Benign cancer.

Malignant cancer are those cancers that spread, on the other hand benign cancer do not spread. The malignant cancer are life threatening and fatal. While benign cancers are harmless and less fatal and these rarely account for any deaths other than in the case of endocrine tissues. The benign cancers when occur in the endocrine tissues they effect the hormonal level and thus resulting into adenomas. The benign cancers, unlike malignant cancer, only cause local damage to the tissue in which they are confined. The later can be treated by medications.

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