Categories Of Desertification

Categories Of Desertification, defined as the degradation of land due to natural or human activities. It is also known as desensitization. The decline in productivity of land occurs due to climate change, deforestation, poverty, unsustainable practices. All these factors result in a combination of desertification. Desertification is a significant environmental and global ecological problem.

Categories Of Desertification: Categories of desertification:

  • Light desertification
  • Moderate desertification
  • Severe desertification
  • Very severe desertification

 Categories Of Desertification: Causes of desertification:

Four main factors cause desertification.

  • Overgrazing
  • Over cultivation
  • Drought
  • Deforestation


A long period without rainfall and causes crops to die. There is lack of food and people move from one place to another to find food.


When there are too many animals graze on the same land and new vegetation fails to grow again.

Over cultivation:

When there is no rotation of crops and year after year crops are grown on the same land. All nutrients are taken from soil and soil becomes infertile.


When land is cleared for other purposes. Trees are cut down they used to make furniture or used for firewood. The soil becomes interfile and all nutrients are removed from the soil.

Categories Of Desertification: Control Measures and Prevention for Desertification:

It is a major threat to biodiversity. So we have to develop Biodiversity Action Plans for the protection of biodiversity. Also for the protection of endangered flora and fauna. So there is a need to implement preventive measures for their protection and the government and people need to change their attitude toward desertification. These measurements are given below,

Fixation of soil:

The soil fix through woodlots, windbreaks, and shelterbelts.


It is the natural restocking of forests on land where deforestation occurs. It is used to improve quality soil quality.

Managed grazing:

In this technique, fences are used to restore grassland.

Contour trenching:

It is used to increase soil productivity and conserve water and soil.

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