Chicken Cutlets Home Made Recipe

Chicken Cutlets Home Made Recipe. Chicken cutlets can make tasty sandwiches, a yummy snack or a nutritious lunch option. Though cutlets can also be made without chicken but adding chicken to it increases the taste. Following is the recipe of chicken cutlets.


5 medium sized potatoes,
1 cup boneless chicken (small cubes or chopped),
1 tbsp melted butter,
1 ½ tbsp salt,
½ tbsp black pepper (powdered),
2 tbsp white vinegar.
1 ½ bread slice,
2 eggs (for frying),
Bread crumbs (for coating),
Mint (5 to 6 leaves, chopped),
1 cup water.


Take a pressure cooker, add melted butter, chicken and white vinegar to it. Fry the chicken well. Since the chicken is boneless so it will take very little tie and no water to cook. When the chicken is ready, add the diced potatoes into it. Stir for a minute or two, then add salt, black pepper and water into it. Turn the heat to medium and cover the lid. When the weight starts whistling, give 5 minutes and then turn off the heat.

After 5 minutes, open the lid and let it cool. Mash the potatoes, the chicken will get shredded in the process, so don’t worry about the chicken lumps. When it is done, start rubbing the bread slice with both the hands it will become crumbs like. Add parsley and mint leaves, m ix it well and make small circular dices.

Now in a separate bowl, add the two eggs whisk them well. Add 1/3teaspoon salt and black pepper to the egg and whisk again. Take the bread crumbs in a wide plate. Now start dipping the cutlets in the egg and then bread crumbs and then fry them. Your cutlets are ready, dish out and serve with ketchup, some sauce or even tamarind sauce (recipe in the food section) J


  • If you like thick coating, dip the cutlets in the egg then bread crumbs then again in the egg and again in the bread crumbs.
  • You can adjust the salt and spice level to your choice and taste.
  • These ingredients will roughly give about 14 to 15 medium sized cutlets.

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