Childhood Obesity

Childhood Obesity, Obesity is defined as abnormal or excessive fat accumulation that may impair health. Childhood obesity is a medical condition that affects children and teenagers.

It is now agreed and acknowledged that obesity is one of the most common medical problems in our world. About 68.8% of the adults are either overweight or obese. This problem means our world has to face one of its most difficult challenges yet, battling obesity.

It is a very deadly disease that has become rapidly growing throughout the years in the United States. It is estimated that around 100,000 Americans die each year from being overweight. This is an alarming rate.

Obesity creates great problems for those who are suffering from it. In fact, obesity has grave effects almost in every walk of life. Children face a lot due to this problem. At schools and later at colleges and universities, they are mocked due to their abnormal bodies. They are bullied and sometimes they are the fun target and mostly laughed at.

Such attitude of the society towards fat children and teenagers leave incredible marks in the mind of the sufferers. Such children lose their confidence and trust in themselves. They deem their selves as an extra or stupid who can do nothing but only serve as a laughing stock. They stop enjoying their lives and confine themselves to homes or other dark corners.

We need to focus on the real causes of obesity. The main causes of obesity are lack of physical exercises, too much use of electronic gadgets like, tablets, laptops, video games etc. In addition to the increased in door activities, the amount of junk food children consume also adds to it.

Obesity is an open invitation to disease. Once a person or a child is obese, other diseases rush attacking the individual. To prevent obesity in children the primary role is of parents and then of educational institutes. Both should promote fresh organic food and focus on the physical activities, exercises, jogging and outdoor games, instead of making them sit in front of a computer for hours.

To stop obesity is a crystal clear message. It is high time that both the government and the citizens should take solid steps to curb this disease. A resolution should be passed regarding childhood obesity and law be made to stop it from growing further.

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