Crispy Mutton Chops

Crispy mutton chops are very crispy and tasty. It can be made with only few ingredients and you will enjoy it alot.


1 kg mutton chops (washed and cleaned),
3 to 4 tbsp oil,
½ tbsp ginger-garlic paste,
1 tbsp white vinegar,
1 tbsp soya sauce,
1 tbsp red chili sauce,
⅓ tbsp black pepper powder,
4 glass water (for mutton),
¾ tbsp salt (for mutton),
4 tbsp all purpose flower,
1 egg,
⅓ tbsp black pepper powder,
⅓ tbsp salt (for coating),
¾ cup water (for coating).


Take a pressure cooker, add oil and ginger-garlic paste in it. When the ginger-garlic paste turns slightly golden, add the mutton chops in it. While frying, add white vinegar, soya sauce, red chili sauce, powdered black pepper and salt in it. Fry it well (for about 5 minutes on medium high flame) the mutton chops will start turning slightly golden. Now add water in it and close the pressure cooker lid. Let it boil for 45 minutes on medium low heat (the tender the better).

Take a separate bowl, add all purpose flour, egg, powdered black pepper, salt and water in it make a paste. Make sure the consistency should be good. Set it aside.

After 45 minutes, open the pressure cooker, the water will be all absorbed but if there is still some water in it just keep it on the low heat until water is absorbed. When the meat is ready, let it cool.

Take a saucepan and pout some 3 to 4 cups of oil in it, as we are going to deep fry the mutton chops. Now take the already prepared coating paste. Dip the mutton chops in the paste one by one and then deep fry them. When the coating becomes slightly golden, take it out of the saucepan on a kitchen paper (to absorb excess oil from the chops). Repeat this step for all the mutton chops. Your crispy mutton chops are ready, garnish and ENJOY!


Salt and sauces can be adjusted according to taste.

Exactly same recipe can be followed for making lamb chops.

If you are allergic to egg, you can skip it.

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