Drama serial Kashf

Drama serial Kashf airs on Hum TV channel. The story is written by Imran Nazeer. It is directed by Danish Nawaz and is a production of Momina Duraid Production. The cast include; Hira Mani appearing as Kashf Bibi, Waseem Abbas (Imtiaz, Kashf’s father) and Munazzah Arif (Kashf’s mother), Sabeena Farooq (Zoya) and Tanya Hussain (Irum) as Kashf’s sister, Junaid Khan appearing as Wajdaan is playing the role of Kashf’s fiancée who is also her first cousin, Lubna Aslam as Wajdaan’s mother, Maryam Noor (Shumaila) as Wajdaan’s sister, Shehryaar Zaidi (Fayaaz) as Wajdaan’s Father who is Kashf’s uncle, Samina Ahmad as Kashf’s and Wajdaan’s grandmother, Hajra Khan as Aashi or Aisha as Kashf’s and Wajdaan’s aunt, Saleem Mairaj as Matiullah who is Aashi’s ex-husband, Amir Qureshi as Akmal whom Aashi is in love with and Abul Hassan as Babar who is Irum’s ex-fiancée.

The OST of drama serial Kashf is sung and composed by Hamza Akram Qawwal, Taimoor Akram and Abdul Akram. While the lyrics are written by Shah Hussain.

Kashf is a girl who is gifted with the ability to foresee the future events in her dream. She never took it seriously until Shumaila’s wedding. Her father who is a greedy man by nature now exploits her and makes money out of her dreams.

He first makes an agreement with Matiullah but due to some reasons he then makes his own “aastana” for Kashf. Now he does not want her to get married. Irum gets saved from a fraud lover through her dream warnings and gets married to someone else happily.

However, Zoya develops love interest in Kashf’s fiancée.Kashf’s life becomes more complicated when Zoya starts plotting against her with Matiullah in order to get the lover of her life. In this regard, a video to destroy her reputation made by Zoya leads to Wajdaa’s and Kashf’s marriage.

This devastates Zoya, who is now willing to do anything in order to destroy their marriage. While Kashf is trying to make Zoya understand and come clear with her.

In the drama due to COVID-19, Lubna Aslam could not perform so instead Asma Abbas was cast as Wajdaan’s mother. This drama is liked by a big number of people due to the different story and the excellent performances played by the team.

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