Drama Serial Mehar Posh

Drama serial Mehar Posh premiered on Geo Entertainment. Mishbah Nausheen is the writer while Mazhar Moin is the director of this drama serial. Drama serial Meharposh is a drama of 7th sky entertainment production house, Abdullah Kadwani and Asad Qureshi being its producers. The cast of drama serial Meharposh includes; Ayeza Khan (as Mehrunnisa or Mehru), Zainab Shabir (as Ayat, Mehru’s sister), Sania Saeed (as Nusrat, Mehru’s mother), Rehan Sheikh (as Jahanzaib, master jee, Mehru’s father), Ali Abbas (as Naeem, Mehru’s first husband), Ismat Zaidi (as Sakeena; Naeem’s mother), Iffat Rahim (as Shakeela, Naeem’s aunt), Danish Taimoor (as Shah Jahan, Mehru’s neighbor), Humaira Bano (as Kaneez Khala, Shah Jahan’s mother), Syed Ariz (as Waqas, Naeem’s cousin, Shakeela’s son), Mubsirah Khan (as Almas), Ayesha Gul (as Aisha) and Seemi Pasha.

Mehru is a very nice and good hearted girl who belongs to a middle class family. Life until now was plain and smooth. She got engaged and was getting married to Naeem. She was very happy but Naeem’s aunty, Shakeela, who is jealous of Naeem’s mother and Naeem’s success plots against them. She tells Naeem that Mehru was not a good girl and had a pre-marital affair. When he overhears Shahjehan and his friends passing flirting comments about Mehru although they were joking, he gets suspicious.

Then on their wedding night Mehru calls Shahjehan to ask about her father’s condition because her family was not returning her call due to her father being hospitalized. While on the call, Naeem arrives and takes this as a proof of her being disloyal and divorce her. His mother, Sakeena, drops her off the next morning. Shahjehan gets really upset when he finds that their silly comments were reason behind her divorce. He feels for her and gradually falls in love with her.

The drama depicts the struggle of Mehru who is innocent but still has to face the ugly face of the world and Shahjehan who is willing to do anything for her to give her the happiness that she actually deserves.

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