Drama serial Mohabbat Tujhai Alvida Review

Drama serial Mohabbat Tujhai Alvida Review, Muhabbat Tujhai Alvida is a HUM TV drama serial. This drama is written by Abdullah Khaliq Khan and directed by Barkat Siddiqui. Drama serial Mohabbat tujhai alvia is produced by Barkat Siddiqui and Zayed Sheikh. The cast of this drama serial consists of; Zahid Ahmed (as Shahaan), Sonya Hussain (as Ulfat, Shahaan’s first wife), Mansha Pasha (as Shafaq, a very rich girl and Shahaan’s second wife), Jawed Sheikh (as Shafaq’s father), Sajida Syed (as Shahaan’s mother, also Ulfat’s aunty and mother in law), Mizna Waqas (as Noori, Ulfat’s friend and also maid), Hassam Khan (as Mansoor, Shahaan’s friend), Muzaina Malik, Angeline Malik, Syeda Anusha, Hammad Siddiq, Saad Fareedi, Falak Shahzad and some more.

The OST of drama serial Mohabbat tujhai alvida is composed by Sahir Ali Bagga. The lyrics are written by Imran Raza. The OST singers of this drama are Sahir Ali Bagga and Afshan Fawad.

Mohabbat tujhai alvida is about a married girl, Ulfat, who belongs to a middle class family. Ulfat is married to his cousin Shahaan and they have two beautiful children together. Although they are living the life of a middle class family but still they are a happy family, except for Ulfat. Ulfat is never satisfied and always dreams about getting rich.

When she meets Shahaan’s boss, Shafaq, she has a new idea of getting rich upon seeing Shafaq’s interest in her husband. She tricks Shahaan at this point hiding her real intention she only tells him that he will be doing a good deed by marrying a sad soul like Shafaq. On the other hand, she makes Shafaq think that she will treat her exactly like her sister and she likes her so much. She makes a deal with Shafaq that she has to pay an amount in return of this favor and this favor should be in such a way that Shahaan should not know about it. Shafaq agrees to all this. But what comes next shocks Shafaq and Ulfat both at the same time.

The story of drama serial Mohabbat tujhai alvida is quite similar to that of Bollywood movie Judaai, but to this the team replied that this drama is an inspiration from a Sindhi folktale Lilan Chanesar.

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