Drama serial Raaz-e-ulfat

Drama serial Raaz-e-ulfat is a Geo Entertainment drama. It is written by Maha Malik, one of the biggest names of romantic novels. This drama serial is directed by Siraj-ul-haq. It is the production of 7th sky entertainment and its producers are Abdullah Kadwani and Asad Qureshi.

The cast of drama serial Raaz-e-ulfat includes; Yumna Zaidi (as Mushk),  Shehzad Sheikh (as Irtiza, Mushk’s love interest), Komal Aziz Khan (as Sehba, Mushk’s University friend), Gohar Rasheed (as Ismail), Arisha Razi (as Amber, Mushk’s younger sister), Hina Khawaja Bayat (as Mushk’s mother), Tanveer Jamal (as Iftikhar Sahab, Mushk’s father), Seemi Pasha (as Ghazala, Irtiza’s mother), Farhan Ali Agha (as Naveed, Sehba’s father), Jinaan Hussain (as Mohini, Ismail’s mentally retarded sister), Tara Mahmood (as Munaza, Sehba’s mother), Danial Afzal Khan as (Nomi, Sehba’s love interest), Nida Mumtaz (as Nomi’s mother), Manzoor Qureshi (as Sadam, Irtiza’s father), Kiran Haq (as Geeti, Ismail’s Wife prior to Mushk), Anam Tanveer (as Bano Aapa, Mushk’s neighbor) and Beena Chaudhary (as Bano’s mother).

Drama serial Raaz-e-ulfat is the story of an innocent girl, Mushk, who belongs to a middle class conservative family. Her father, Iftikhar Sahab, is a well principled and strict father but tries his best to meet his daughters’ needs and wishes. Mushk gets permission to continue her study in a co-ed. University with the conditions that she won’t disappoint her father and she will only focus on the studies.

However, after befriending Sehba, Mushk gradually start crossing the boundaries that she had agreed upon with her father. After meeting with Irtiza, Sehba finds out the truth about Nomi that how he was just a flirt and at the same time Irtiza and Mushk falls in love with each other. Sehba now develops interest in Irtiza, plots against Mushk with Nomi (whom she calls her friend only). Mushk go against her father and family just for the sake of Irtiza. She falls badly in Sehba’s trap and loses Irtiza’s trust.

Irtiza and his family do not appear on the Nikah day. Mushk gets married to Ismail, whose wife has lost her life to cancer. Now, Kashf is in difficult position all alone and with no trust of her father or Irtiza.

The OST of drama serial Raaz-e-ulfat is sung by Shani Arshad and Aima Baig, its composer is Shani Arshad while the lyrics are written by Sabir Zafar.

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