Emily In Paris- Season Review

Emily In Paris- Season Review, LOVE, AND FASHION IN PARIS, This past weekend, I watched a Hollywood series EMILY IN PARIS, a comedy-drama starring LILY COLLIN in lead created by DARREN STAR who is famous for his movie SEX AND THE CITY.

I binge-watched this in a night. This was so “not to leave me” type of season. This series was totally a pleasure to the eyes.

This series is about travel, making new friends, fashion, feminism, and romance. This is what I needed to survive through this new lockdown.

This is a story about an American girl who moved from Chicago to Paris for work who does not even understand French. In the series, even with the captions, I could not understand some points. The places and food names were difficult to say for Emily (and for me too of course).

I never watch the trailer of movies or series as sometimes these are too much to reveal the whole story so did not watch the trailer for this series too. I watched this because my friends suggested this and there was a tweet of Pakistani film star Mehwish Hayat.

Emily is not that much a fictional character. She makes mistakes but knows how to fix them. She works in a marketing agency and is hired in Paris to add the American marketing sense in French businesses. I really like her professionalism. She always keeps her personal life separate from professional life (except at one point). And she knows how to deal with the clients and how to survive unfriendly and unwelcoming environment at workplace. In Paris, The French language is a big barrier for Emily, but she does not make it her weakness, but she proves herself by her hard work.

Now a little about cinematography, Paris the dream of every girl, city of love, the places they capture in the series were beyond mentioning. They showed many wonders of Paris like the Eiffel tower (ofc), Jardin du Palais-Royal, L’atelier des Lumieres (my favorite one), Pont Alexandre III, and many more.

In this series, the writer compares many American and French points of view. The difference in language too obvious. The food and the way of living of people are totally different in Paris for any American girl like Emily. they also show the difference in working styles (American live to work and French work to live). They also compare the difference in the way of showing love to their partner and about marriage and extramarital affairs.

now some words on Emily’s outfits, they were my dreamy wears, especially her bags. OMG for her everyday look but I think they were too much costly for me to afford and for any ordinary American marketing agent.

The thing I learned from this series is that you can be great even though you are different, or you cannot fit in a particular environment or people.

The thing that I do not like is the clash in her character sometimes. She was way too professional but at the same time, she dated her client. The hype that was created on the internet about the chemistry between her and Gabriel was nothing. Their love affair needed a much deep buildup, not sleeping with all males she comes across or met for the first time and then portrayed as a girl with too many moral values and rules.

But despite these, I still lived it and I will totally recommend it.

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