Eutrophication: Causes Effect and its Control

Eutrophication: Causes Effect and its Control, nowadays eutrophication is the leading problem in the world. Due to eutrophication, coastal and marine life is affected. Eutrophication is termed as the growth of algal bloom on the surface of water due to different limiting factors. The growth of algal bloom is increased by an increase in the concentration of nitrogen and phosphorous in water such as a lake, marine, and coastal ecosystems. The production of water bloom on water stops the penetration of light into the water and as a result, absorbs oxygen from the water. The life present in the water feels suffocated and died due to the increased production of algal blooms. They also absorb nutrients from the water. When the concentration of oxygen extremely low in bottom water this condition is known as hypoxia.

Eutrophication: Causes Effect and its Control : Causes:

The main cause of eutrophication is the increase in the concentration of

  • Nitrogen
  • Phosphorus

Effects of Eutrophication:

Eutrophication has a direct effect on the aquatic ecosystem, due to this decrease in biodiversity and increase in water toxicity occur. The phytoplankton is toxic and inedible when they rapidly grow in the water they affect the aquatic ecosystem. The water loss its transparency. It gives out a bad smell and their color would change. Depletion of dissolved oxygen takes place in water. The population of fishes lowered in water and aesthetic value of marine ecosystem lost. So as a result of eutrophication, a decrease in biodiversity, increase in water toxicity, invasion of new species take place.


We can control eutrophication by reducing the level of nitrogen and phosphorus in the water. By reducing the discharge of these two into water bodies and streams. We can also use algaecides such as copper sulfate to reduce their concentration in water. So the best solution is to control the primary cause of this problem. As the primary source is reduced their discharge the eutrophication will stop.

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