Flavorful Nihari mutton or Beef Recipe home made

Flavorful Nihari mutton or beef can be made from either mutton or beef. However, mostly beef nihari is liked due to the high marrow presence in beef bones. It can be served as a meal in dinner or even in a heavy breakfast. In the following is the traditional nihari recipe.


1½ kg beef meat (it should have a high number of bones and marrow),
3 medium sized onions,
6 medium sized tomatoes,
3 tbsp white vinegar,
3 ladle oil,
2½ tbsp salt (or up to taste),
4 tbsp ginger-garlic paste,
1 tbsp powdered coriander,
4 tbsp nihari masala,
6 glass water,
1¼ cup flour (soak it in water make a fine paste and then add 7 glasses of water- other than the above mentioned 6 glasses water, set aside).


Take a pressure cooker, add oil and thinly sliced (julienne style) onions and fry it until the onions turn light golden.

Add ginger-garlic paste, fry it until it start to turn golden (slightly) and add meat into it, fry it well.

Now add white vinegar and all the above mentioned spices and again fry for a minute or two. Add tomatoes into the pressure cooker and fry well.

Add 6 glasses of water and give it 1 hour in the pressure cooker.

After one hour, add the pre-soaked flour in it. Cook until a thick soupy consistency is obtained (it may take about 20 to 25 minutes for the flour to cook completely).

Garnish with golden onions, parsley, green chilies and SERVE.


Once the meat is tender, either the marrow will come out by itself or if it doesn’t you need not worry, you can take it out by holding the bone in you hand and giving it a gentle but a forceful jerk.

The cooking time of meat depends upon the type of meat but always remember the meat rule while making nihari is that, the tender the better.

Since we need marrow in our nihari so its better to go for big boney meat, and that’s the reason that beef is preferred. Following above recipe homemade Flavorful Nihari mutton or beef can be easily prepared.

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