Gajar Ka Halwa With Milk Powder

Gajar Ka Halwa With Milk Powder, Just with a number of ingredients you’ll be able make this culminate sweet dish-Carrot Halwa. Customarily, it is made with new ruddy carrot, ghee, mava and lots of dry natural products. In this formula, I utilized low-fat drain powder rather than mava or khoya and it’s taste scrumptious.

Ingredients Gajar Ka Halwa With Milk Powder:

Carrots 1 kg

Small cardamom 6

Almonds 10

Pistachio 10

Sugar 2 cups

Chopped walnuts ½ cup

Dry drain powder 2-3

cups Oil 1 ½ cup

Silver paper for garnish

Peel and grind 1 kg carrots.

 Dry the water of the carrots.

Let’s Start cooking …..

Method :

  •   At that point take 1 ½ glass of oil within the skillet and include in 6 little cardamom. 
  • At that point include in ground carrots and cook it.
  •  Include in 2-3 mugs dry drain, 2 glasses sugar and 1.2 glass walnuts and cook it.
  •  When the oil start separating, the halwa is prepared. 
  • Embellish it with 10 bubbled almonds, 10 bubbled chopped pistachio and silver paper.

Now your deliciousGajar Ka Halwa With Milk Powder 🙂

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