Simple Easy PanCake home made Recipe

Simple Easy PanCake home made Recipe, This is my own pancakes recipe that i use for my kids. Since i do not like my kids making a syrup mess in the whole kitchen or wherever they are eating so this is of great value.

1 cup all purpose flour,
2/4 cup sugar (or up to taste),
1 table spoon (flat) baking powder,
2 pinches salt,
3-4 drops vanilla essence,
1 large egg,
2/4 cup milk.

Beat the egg well (simple hand beating will do) then add sugar, salt, baking powder and vanilla essence. Pour in the milk and mix well. Now gradually add the flour. Mix until a good batter is formed, from good it is meant that the batter should not be too thick or too thin.
Turn on the flame to medium low grease the pan with a drop or two of oil. Now pour some of the batter. As the upper side show sign of bubbling just flip the pancake. Then pancake will now rise (due to baking powder and egg’s action). Flip the pancake if the other side is also light golden, there you go a nice vanilla flavoured pancake easy peasy.
The remaining batter will easily make 6 good sized pancakes.

Banana pancakes:
If you want to make banana pancakes all you need to do is add a mashed banana to the batter and lower the sugar amount, the remaining recipe is the same.
Same way other fruit pancakes can also be made easily like mango, dates, blueberries, strawberries whatever you or your kids like, healthy delicious breakfast.

Sugar can be totally replaced with honey.
If you love syrup on your pancake then avoid the sugar and follow the remaining exact recipe. In the end just put some maple syrup or chocolate syrup or even honey on it.
If you do not have a sweet tooth, then add 1 tablespoon sugar just to even the taste and make your low sugar pancake, enjoy with cream or butter.

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