Google launches $25 million grant program

Google launches a $25 million grant program, On this international women’s day, Google also wants to celebrate this and give tribute to women of this world who played a very important role in social development. The Impact Challenge a new program is introduced by google on this women’s day. The purpose of this program is to address systematic barriers and inequalities faced by women in society. Also, they want to build financial independence opportunities for women. Through google support remaining in a nutshell the women and their organizations can achieve their impact in the field of entrepreneurship. Google said that the impact challenge for women’s and girls’ decided to commit $25 million to fund the different organizations. The main purpose of this funding is to create opportunities and pathways for women and girls in society.

Google launches $25 million grant program aimed at empowering women and girls

They give them prosperity and happiness in this world. So there is open all for anyone there is no limitation anyone wants to apply for that and the desirable organization got $2 million. There are also opportunities for mentor-ship and google provides additional support to them. Jacqueline Fuller, The President of, further added at the Internet Women’s Day that: they provide all assistance to them whatever they need and we always help them to carry out their vision. This program is a true example of women empowerment in this world and it creates an impact and emphasizes the need for women empowerment and also there are opportunities create in technology and entrepreneurship. This program has a two-way application process that all charitable organization will forward their application and submit them to google and after that, they will create pathways for their prosperity. This is an excellent step for an opportunity, all applications will be accepted by 9 April 2021.

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