Handsome is that Handsome Does

Handsome is that Handsome Does, God has created man as the best and noblest of all creatures so much so, that he has been made the vicegerent on earth. The whole universe above and below and on all sides is created to serve the purpose of man so far is his probational sojourn lingers on earth.

There are creatures that are far more stronger and powerful than man. There are beasts far more faster and darting than man. There are quadripeds far more docile and humble than man. There are creepers and birds far more swift and quicker than man. There are animals and insects for more charming and beautiful to be looked at, but none can match and resemble this physically and biologically weeker being that is man.

The question arises, what does make man superior to all? It is because God loves the handsome and beautiful. Man has been granted all this security and grandeur because he has been on the basis of grand idea of being handsome. It is this quality of being handsome that has placed him above all other creatures. It is this quality of man which has turned him superior even to the angles. Satan was evicted and condemned because he disobeyed and flouted the very law of handsomeness that runs through the whole universe.

Is man handsome because he eats and drinks? Or is he handsome because he leads an easy and luxurious life? Or because he quarrels and deficits? Or due to the fact that he kills and destroys? Or because he puts on the false facade of piety? Or is he handsome because he tells bundles and bundles of lies?

The answer is a BIG NO! He is handsome because he follows what he is commanded by the God. He never tells lies and never hides his true designs and purpose under the guise of hypocrisy. He sacrifices his personal interests for the sack of his fellow beings. He helps the poor and stands by the weak and has empathy towards them. He never runs from his responsibility and people can count on him. These are the things that make a person handsome.

It is the character, the conduct and having a soft heart. The outer beauty, face, branded jewelry, a Gucci bag, an Armani’s suits, Prada shoes, a thousand dollar watch, big car and a big house, these things never make a person handsome instead, the real beauty is the inner priestness and chastity.

All things in the world will disappear, nothing is everlasting. The only thing that lasts long is the fruit accrued through this inner beauty and handsomeness. It is these kind of people that the world remembers. The kind of people who are always willing to help other. Who always think about others and empathetic to the human society.

This beauty does not limits to how a person is towards other people. This extends, extends beyond this, to the animals, to the plants and to all the nature. A person who takes care of the helpless animals, who is not destructive to his environment, who is not the destroyer of the forests, who is not the reason of making things and nature dirty, ugly. A person who is humble and helping to people, whose intervention in people’s affairs and in the nature is not dangerous but instead healthy and positive. This sort of person is a full package of handsomeness. We should at the very least try to do something good and humanly for other, for our society or even for our nature.

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