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Home remedies or granny’s cure have been in practice from centuries unknown. These are the simple medicines that are made in home using certain things like spices, vegetables, honey, herbs, fruits etc. The home remedies are also called granny’s cure as these are prepared mainly using the experience of the wise old member of the family. Some of handy home remedies are the following.

  1. Home remedies for cough:

Honey is considered one of the best home remedy against cough. One table spoon of honey when sprinkled with two pinches of black pepper will sooth the cough in minutes. This remedy is good for dry cough.

One table spoon of honey added in warm water with few drops of lemon, is also good for cough.

One table spoon honey added in ginger tea also stops the cough.

If you have nothing else available, simple honey will also work for soothing the cough.

A pinch or two of herb called costus (qust, قسط شیریں) mixed with a teaspoon of honey works like a magic for cough.

  1. Home remedies for sore throat:

One of the best home remedies for sore throat is excessive gargles with saline water. Take a cup of warm water and add 2 table spoons of salt in it. Gargle with this water after every meal and after every 3 to 4 hour in severe sore throat. The salt water actually kills the germs and thus act in favor of our body.

A tablespoon full of honey is also good against sore throat.

Ginger tea with honey is very effective in sore throat.

3. Home remedy for toothache:

If you have a toothache, put a clove of garlic and a pinch of salt on it and the toothache will shortly go away.

Soak a small cotton made ball in olive oil and then put it over the tooth that hurts will also relieve the pain.

Similarly, a small cotton made ball soaked in vanilla is also effective against the toothache.

Putting cloves (laung/ لونگ) in tooth needs only a few minutes to vanish the toothache.

4. Home remedy for diarrhoea:

In case of diarrhoea, take one cup of rice and boil it in some 5 to 6 glasses of water. When an opaque whitish (relatively thicker) solution is formed, turn off the stove. Now, stain the water from the rice. This rice water is extremely effective against motion or diarrhea. But keep in mind never take any sort of dairy product (other than yogurt) within 24 hours of using this rice water. The stained rice can be used for eating as a meal or as rice pudding after adding milk in it for the other healthy home members (the person having diarrhea cannot take it, as it contains milk). BRAT diet includes Banana, Rice, “Apple-sauce” and Toast, simple apple is not good, apple “sauce” should be taken.

5. Home remedies for stomach pain:

Take 10 to 12 mint leaves, wash them well and then boil them in 2 glasses of water. Boil until 1 glass water remains. Now, stain it, pick out the leaves and drink this water 3 to 4 times a day. This will relieve the stomach pain. In stomach pain always avoid heavy, spice and oily meals. In diet, BRAT should be taken.

Ginger tea is also known to relieve stomach pain.

6. Home remedies for constipation:

Cassia fistula (commonly called amaltas) is a laxative try. The inner paste from its pods mixed in hot water can ease the constipation. In constipation, drinking more water, eating probiotic foods and high fiber food also provides a relief.

7. Home remedies for wasps and honey bee bites:

If a person gets sting by a wasp or bee, applying a slice of onion will prevent the swelling. Applying baking soda and water mixture helps to reduce the pain and itching by neutralizing venom of the bee sting. Applying honey also has the same effects.

8. Home remedies for dandruff:

Onion juice is very good against dandruff. Onion has antiseptic properties, that’s why it not only kills the dandruff fungus but also other germs present on the scalp.

Olive oil is also very effective against dandruff.

9. Home remedies for minor burns:

Applying honey to a minor burn soothes the burning sensation and also reduces the chances of scarring.

10. Bad breath/ bad sweat smell:

Chewing a small stick of cinnamon cleanses bad breath. It is also effective in case of people who sweat smell is very bad.

Chewing cardamom also gives a refreshed breath.


Home remedies may prove effective in many cases but still a person’s first priority should be the hospital and doctor’s prescribed medications, especially when the sickness is not of mild condition.

Kitchen Hacks:

Following are some hacks that can help you in the kitchen.

Are you tired of cutting teary onions? Peel them, cut in half and out it in the water for some time.

Putting a cut onion in the freezer for few minutes also helps against the tears.

Is your hand burnt? Apply honey to it.

Are your glassware giving old and dirty look? Dip them in luke water water, add baking soda and vinegar to it. Leave for sometime and then wash. You will see the difference.

Can’t get rid of raw egg smell from the dishes? Apply some salt, leave for some time and then wash.

A much cheaper way to get rid of egg smell from the dishes is to apply tea leaves for some time and then wash. It is a cheaper way as the tea leaves are wasted after making tea.

Are you sick of lizards coming to the rooms? Put an empty egg shell, lizards will be scared away.

Can not wash hard greasy dishes? Apply white vinegar, salt and baking soda. They will not only be clean but also shiny.

Baking powder and white vinegar also helps clean the plastic dishes.

Before cleaning microwave oven, put a glass of water and give it 2 to 3 minutes, the microwave oven will clean much easily.

If you want to get rid of some smell in the fridge or freezer, put some baking powder in a small container.

If by mistake you add more salt in a dish, you can adjust it by adding an extra tomato. Adding a small ball of all purpose flour also helps with the extra salt. The flour ball absorbs the salt and then take out after some time. Never add lemon if you want to adjust the high salt level.

Have your washing gloves become too clingy? Add a pinch or two of cornstarch into each glove that will do the trick.

If ever your cell phone or other electronic device falls in the water. Never put it in the sun (as some people would do so), because the oxygen present in the air will react with the metal inside and it will turn rusty. Instead put it in your rice jar/ container, cover it well and leave it there for at least 24 hours. The rice has absorbent quality and so will absorb the water from the device.

Kitchen tips for working women:

If you are a working woman its very difficult job to maintain your kitchen. Especially when you are also a mother and working woman then its a real hectic thing to manage both efficiently. Your kids want something yummy all the time and since you work you also need some rest. So keep up with both here are some useful tips for you that may come in handy.

For cooking, keep ginger and garlic paste. You can buy the store one but if you buy ginger and garlic, wash and peel them. Then make their paste and freeze them. This will not only be cheaper but also you will know its all pure an clean. You can make as many bottles/ jars of these and freeze them. Then according to your need take out one jar.

Instead of cutting and frying the onions, cut then and fry (golden brown) them. Then make a measurement according to your home (that how much onion you use at a time), label them and freeze them. You can use fired onions anytime and it won’t take any extra time to fry them every day.

If you don’t want to freeze the fried onions, here is another tip for you. Just cut the onions and freeze them uncooked.

Just like onions, make tomato purees then label them and freeze them. This will save the time when you want to use tomatoes in a dish.

Some vegetables can also be washed, cut and froze. This will save your time of washing, cutting and cutting plus also you will be saved from the extra fatigue.

Some vegetables like squash, bitter gourd, loki, pumpkin, lady finger/ okra, apple gourd etc can be easily cut and froze. Never freeze vegetables that change colour, like aubergines/ eggplant. However, you can freeze potato if you boil them first.

Always put the vegetables in a ziplock bag before freezing them.

You can also make snacks like samosa, shami kabab, cutlets, chicken rolls etc and then freeze them. This way you can give your kids homemade snacks easily.

If your kids love pizzas, make pizza dough but don’t bake it all the way just take it out before the last 7 to 8 minutes. Now freeze it after cooling and you can make pizza in only 10 minutes. Take it out some 45 to 50 minutes before baking, then apply the sauces and topping. Pre heat the oven and give it 9 to 10 minutes. Enjoy your fresh pizza.

If your kids/ family like biryani, you can easily make them even in working days. Whenever you are free or on the weekends, make the chicken ready for biryani. Cook it all the way and freeze it like that don’t add rice. Take it out whenever you want to make biryani. All you need to do is just boil the rice and do the layering of this chicken.

Just like biryani, if you get ready the vegetables and chicken etc for pasta/ macaroni/ spaghetti all you need to do is boil the pasta/ macaroni etc. Then mix it with the already made vegetables, chicken whatever you have made.

You can also make frozen paratha and fry them whenever you want.

If your kids love pancakes, you don’t need to wait until sundays to make them. Keep the pancakes’ batter in a bottle and close its lid. You can make it in the night and all you need to do in the morning is to take them, pour them and cook them.

Whenever you make dishes that need more hardwork like haleem/ nihari/ paai etc, make them in bulk and divide in batches (according to your serve per day). Freeze them and then in the working days when you don’t want to make something, take them out.

Keeping your fridge and freezer stuffed with our above mentioned things, you can easily give your kids homemade delicious dishes anytime very easily. Not only the kids, you can also entertain and attend a sudden uninformed guest very easily.

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