How to make Chicken Spaghetti

How to make Chicken Spaghetti, Chicken spaghetti is a liked by all (well nearly all) and easy to make dish. Since besides chicken there are many vegetables in it, this increases it nutritious value a lot. This high nutrients dish can be made in minutes even by a beginner cook or children. Without prolonging the post, the basic recipe of chicken spaghetti is as follows.


1 cup chicken boneless (well cut in julienne style),
½ red bell pepper (capsicum, cut in julienne style),
½ yellow bell pepper (julienne style),
1 green bell pepper (julienne style),
1 medium sized onion (julienne style),
½ cup mushrooms,
2 tbsp tomato paste/ puree,
1 cup cabbage (julienne style),
1 small carrot (julienne style),
½ potato (cut in cubes),
½ cup green peas,
1 tbsp apple cider (you can replace with white vinegar if it’s not available),
2 tbsp soya sauce,
1 tbsp chili sauce,
½ tbsp black pepper,
2 ½ tbsp salt,
½ tsp oregano,
450g spaghetti,
¾ cup oil.


Take a separate pan, fill it with water and boil the water. Now add 1 ½ tbsp salt, apple cider and 2 tbsp oil. Add the spaghetti in it, boil it until it becomes soft but do not cook it completely, as it will cook completely once you add it with the chicken and vegetables.

In another frying pan, add the remaining oil and chicken and fry it. When the chicken is done, add carrot into it and cover the lid. When the carrot is slightly tender, add the potato cubes, peas, mushrooms, water (1/3 cup) and now again cover with the lid. Cook it until the water gets dry. After the water is all absorbed, add the onions and fry it.

Remember here that we don’t want to overcook the onion just fry until they turn whitish. Now, add cabbage, all the bell peppers and tomato puree. Fry all these ingredients and cover the lid for about 3 to 4 minutes.

Stain the boiled spaghetti and pass them through cold water. Now combine it with the chicken and vegetables. Add salt, soya sauce, black pepper, chili sauce and oregano. Fry on medium high flame with a gentle but continuous stirring. Your tasty chicken spaghetti is ready. Server with a smile J


Salt and spice can be adjusted according to the taste.

You can add, replace or skip any vegetable you want.

Normally, the spaghetti pack has its cook time written on it. So if you are getting confused take help from the packaging box.

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