How to prepare Hand Sanitizer in Home

How to prepare Hand Sanitizer in Home, Hand sanitizer are very important things that one should always carry in the purse or pocket and if you have no close access to hand wash you can simply use your sanitizer. It prevents the spread of many pathogens and also dries quickly.

Due to the latest corona-virus situation, every body wants hand sanitizer so as a result in many areas the yield of the companies may not meet the need of the people. To solve this problem here is an easy recipe with which you can make your own homemade sanitizer only in few minutes.


40 ml aloe vera gel,
1 teaspoon essential oil ( tea tree oil or whatever you like)
4 to 5 drops of lavender oil (its also an essential oil)
100 ml rubbing alcohol (at least 70%)


From about 2 to 3 good sized aloe vera leaves, 40 ml aloe vera gel can easily be extracted. But its totally okay if you do not have aloe vera plant, you can also use aloe vera gel available in the market. In case of leaves extracted gel, mix the gel until a solution with fine consistency is formed.

Now add the tea tree oil and lavender oil. Mix it well.

Add 100 ml rubbing alcohol to this mixture. Mix it and pour in an empty spray bottle. Shake the spray bottle gently before each use.

Important points:

The aloe vera gel is important to be added in the sanitizer because the sanitizer makes the hands very dry, so when you add aloe vera gel it keeps the hands moisturized.

The essential oils are added in the sanitizer in order to keep the hands soft and also for fragrance. You can avoid it although if you care extra about your hands then do add.

The rubbing alcohol can be replaced by dettol if you can not find rubbing alcohol, there is no need to panic dettol will do its work. However, if you have both available then its better to go for rubbing alcohol.

If you are somewhere out and you can not find any hand sanitizer then simple alcohol will also do the trick, as in ancient times (and even now when autoclave is not available) alcohol was used for sterilizing the surgical instruments.

But if you have all the above mentioned ingredients available then it is not suggested to use merely alcohol as its prolonged use may case severe dryness, skin irritation and other skin related problems.

Always rub the sanitizer for 20 seconds on your hands to make sure it works well.

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