IBCC Clarifies Reports

IBCC Clarifies Reports, A myth was raised that the exams of inter and matric have been canceled. But the Board Committee of Chairman Islamabad declared that it was a myth the exams of matric and inter have not been canceled. The Board committee declared that the news regarding the exam cancellation is fake that was spread everywhere on social media.

IBCC Clarifies Reports of Matric and Inter Exam Cancellation

The IBCC said that people do not pay any attention to this fake news. This type of notification has no values in front of IBCC and they strictly declare that this with an official notice. This fake news and its signatory was officially denied by IBCC. The IBCC said that the board of secondary and intermediate work on their schedule regarding exams. They work on their respective domains. Across the country, the exams will be held according to their respective boards and IBCC has no role and interference regarding all this. Students have advised that they need to contact their respective boards regarding 0065mas instead of believing in these myths. Maybe as soon as possible when boards decided to conduct exams their exams will be scheduled. Instead of focusing on these myths, students need to focus on their studies. Because Pakistani youth is our future. We have to fight with COVID-19 and live as the homeland.

As a responsible citizen, there is a need to understand that we have to stop all this humor and have to focus on serious things. Due to COVID-19, we have face loss in the economy, people lost their loved ones, we compromise on our health, and some people lost their jobs. So we have to focus on preventive measures and join hands with the government by following precautions instead of spreading this type of humor and wasting our precious time.

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