Importance of the Immune System

Importance of the Immune System, Immune system plays very important role like other systems. It is important in controlling the disease and providing resistance to the body against diseases and other germs. Proteins, cells and organs (defensive organs like bone marrow, spleen, lymph nodes etc) are components of the immune system.

Babies born with defective immune system can die of even those infectious organisms which cannot cause any damage or infection in case of normal immune system.

For Example:

Haemophilus influenza; in normal case haemophilis influenza can not cause any damage to the body but in bodies with weak immune system, its highly fatal.

Candida albican, cytomegalo virus (CMV); these viruses can not harm a person with a healthy and normal immune system but people with weaken immune system are greatly effected by these viruses. These viruses cause the thickening of epithelium in the immune compromised individuals.

Similarly; individuals suffering from auto immune deficiency virus (AIDs), can die even by pneumocystis, cryptococcus neoformen- it causes meningitis in the patient, followed by death.

Immune system not only plays a vital role against infectious agents but it also show responses against the tumors and their development and other diseases.

New developments, in gene therapy systems, suggest that induced protection can be developed against the cancerous cells. Weak immune system is itself responsible for causing many diseases like; hypersensitivity and allergy etc. Some people called allergy as the hypersensitivity or stupidity of the immune system (example of allergy is hay fever). In some cases they can also produce tumors.

Neutrophils and monocytes are the first agents of the white blood cells to interact with the infectious agents, that’s why these are also called “first line defense”.

Defective immune system also causes diseases like autoimmune disease. For example; hyperthyroidism, diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis (rheumatoid arthritis is the severe pain in the bones and joints) and chronic rhinitis (swelling and redness of the nose occurs here).

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