Independence Day and its Significance

Independence Day and its Significance, No doubt the day of Independence is the most important day in a nation’s history. That is why each and every nation celebrate its independence day with great verve and enthusiasm and we of course are no exception.

Every Pakistani is making every effort to celebrate it in a befitting manner. 14th August is marked with great jubilation, preparations are made and different programs are made but to be truly honest is it just an occasion for merely making and enjoying ourselves?

The answer is No, certainly Not. I am taking you way back to 1947 to find the real answer.

We fought to get a free land, we fought to win a place where we could live according to Islamic norms. Thousands offered their blood to win Pakistan, the Fortress of Islam. At that time we were spirited and had a single purpose, what purpose, building a new Pakistan.

We had nothing but hope and a dream. We aspired to reach the stars. At the very onset we experienced a big shock, greatest of all, we lost our aaid, we lost our light and were no more marching on the path of glory but groping like blind men in the darkness.

We as a nation sailed through 73 years and reached this day, this very day but where are we standing now? Are we any different from what we were in 47? Of course, Yeah, a Hell different. Our spirits have slackened and have lost that unity of purpose, building Pakistan. In the beginning we had some material success but have seriously failed to gel together as a nation.

We have lost all those dreams, ideals aims and aspirations that we put before ourselves at the time of partition. Is it the Pakistan the Quaid worked for? Is it the Pakistan we fought for? search your hearts and you will find the answer.

Why we failed so miserably? Just because of one reason, we failed to stick to the principles of Islam. Even if today we started living according to Islam, nothing can hamper our progress. I think, I have reached my answer for which I led you back to 47.

14th August should not be taken as an occasion meant for merrymaking and jubilation, rather it should be taken as a yard stick to judge what we have lost and what we have gained in the last years73.

73 years is a big slice of time and should be taken seriously. Let us pray that we all see a much better Pakistan next August.

May Allah shower his blessings on this country forever and ever.

Pakistan Zindabad.

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