Is Progress A delusion?

Is Progress A delusion?, Progress is define as the movement towards a goal or destination. It a dynamic process including many aspects. Progress in today’s world is restricted to technology and science only. There is no concept of moral or religious progress due to which the world is suffocating.

Look at an ancient historic building and admire its beauty and strength. The building is beautiful and strong and have stand long against ills of times because of its foundation. Foundation is the essence of any structure which predicts its future. If foundation is strong and deep the structure will last long. A full blooming tree is not only healthy from above the earth but also beneath the earth. The more strong and deep its roots are, the more beautiful it will grow. 

Modern man in its urge to be highly technical and scientific have lost many essentials of his life. In the race of this technology he lacks morality which is the crux of human society. His love for machines have made him forget to understand the feelings and needs of his fellow beings. Technological progress has merely provided us with more efficient means for going backwards.

Instead of going forward or making human life easily this technology is creating distances and dragging people back to Stone Age. People have become highly socialize but for the people who are far away from them. Social websites, apps connect people in seconds but disconnect you from people who are around you.

Man have become the tool of his tools. The machines which he invented for his comfort and happiness is taking his comfort and happiness and giving him depression and distorted relationships.

We are living in a civilization in which preferences is given to outer perspective not to the beauty of inner soul. People have lost taste for morality so does have we.

We live in a world surrounded by web of meanings so morality meanings differ from place to place and age to age. The foundation of human being that is his soul has lost its due importance and that’s the reason man have become so restless and life so tasteless. The purity of hearts have gone away.

We may be progressing superficially but deep inside we are deteriorating our self. The claws of technology is tousling our once peaceful and glee life.

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