IT Ministry approves 7 projects of Rs. 4.8 billion

IT Ministry approves 7 projects of Rs. 4.8 billion, In the evening on Monday, an announcement saw on social media, that the IT ministry declared that they approved 7 IT projects of Rs 4.8 billion. These projects are set toward the prime minister digital Pakistan vision and these IT projects are set toward their accomplishment. And they only provided details of 6 new IT projects for Pakistan. Diamer Bhasha dam’s construction site gets funding of 1580 million for their networking infrastructure development near this site, Seoul Accord also gets 143 million for degree equivalence program for those countries who are part of this accord. 298 million for a technical training center in Gilgit, 651 million for the development of a national testing center for 5G, 367 million for the National Freelance Training Program (NFTP), and 1944 million for a cybersecurity project.

IT Ministry approves 7 projects of Rs. 4.8 billion in line with the Digital Pakistan vision

In 2018, the prime minister’s vision was introduced with the name of Digital Pakistan Vision. The idea is to enhance the IT industry and building a digital ecosystem. In 2019 this was official announced by Prime Minister in December and their policy was also introduced at that time. And then the government has to take many initiatives to enhance connectivity and improve infrastructure, enhance digital skills, promote innovation, and also tech-related entrepreneurship. So this is a big opportunity for our future generation and also for our youngster of the present generation. If IT projects increase in our country then there is a successful opportunity for students as per the demand of time. They are opportunities to learn new skills and share their innovative ideas, developed pathways for their success. Because youth are an important part of a country so we have to focus on their development and give them a mindset that they have to learn more and do something for the betterment of our country and economy.

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