Karachi would not have water until March 6

Karachi would not have water until March 6, Water is a basic necessity of life and without clean and clear water no one can survive. Because it is very important for life and we cannot neglect water because it is our basic need. But unfortunately in Karachi, the major 72-inch pipeline burst, and the Karachi Water and sewerage board informed that the water supply in some areas of Karachi will be suspended for 72 hours.

The KWSB start preparing of water pipeline today at 3 march 8 am and they said this repairing continues on 6 march 8 am. In different areas of Karachi such as Malir Town, Moria Khan, Manzil Pump, National Highway, Bin Qasim Town, PIA colony, Jinnah Terminal CAA, Muzaffarabad colony, and many nearby areas remained suspended for 72 hours. There is no supply of water. Also, the other remaining areas have partial water crises these areas are Shah Faisal Town, model colony, and landhi town face the water crises. Asad Ulla khan the managing director of KWSB said that the repairing of a burst pipe is unavoidable and citizens use water carefully and save water for further days because due to this bursting there is no water supply for few days. Water is necessary for our and no one even old, children women and men’s need this for daily use. So how can people manage these days without water? Without water, there is no life. So government should have to take action against this bursting and provide water to citizens for their basic needs because without any official help they cannot do anything. For 72 hours citizens cannot afford to buy water from the market. Rich people may afford but the poor cannot afford that water suspension. As soon as possible this bursting would be repair and citizens again use water for their needs.

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