Masala Bhindi (Okra/ Lady Fingers)

Masala bhindi (okra/ lady fingers) is a famous dish in South Asian countries. It is very tasty and appreciated a lot. Lady fingers belong to the family malvaceae. It is beneficial for skin, eyes, diabetes and also helps in lowering the cholesterol level. It also relieves constipation but since it contains high amount of fructans so it may also cause diarrhoea in some people.

Following is the recipe of masala bhindi.


1 kg lady fingers/ bhindi,
4 medium sized tomatoes (chopped),
2 medium sized onions (choped),
5 green chilies,
1 tbsp salt,
1 tbsp coriander powder,
½ tbsp red chili flakes,
½ tbsp black cumin seeds,
¼ tbsp turmeric powder,
1 to 2 tbsp dried mint leaves (powdered),
1 tbsp yogurt or white vinegar,
1 cup oil.


Take the lady fingers in a sauce pan containing oil and deep fry them (if you are using white vinegar instead of yogurt add it in this step). When the lady fingers start to turn slightly golden (light golden) take them out of the oil. Put them in mesh, so that all of the extra oil drains from it. Set it aside.

In another pan, add oil and onions. When the onions start to change colour (before it turns light golden) add tomatoes in it, turn the heat to medium low. As the tomato juice gets dried up add the green chilies and all of the spices in it, except for the salt (always add salt in the end of vegetables). Fry all the ingredients well, when every thing is fried (oil will come out of the tomatoes) add the fried lady fingers and well beaten yogurt (if you are not using white vinegar). Mix them well but very gently, we don’t want to distort the shape of lady fingers. Turn the heat to low, sprinkle the dried mint leaves powder and cover the lid. After 3 to 4 minutes, turn off the heat. The lady fingers are ready to be served, ENJOY!


Do not over fry the lady fingers,

Do not stir hardly, rapidly or too much or else you will distort the shape of lady fingers.

Salt and spices can be adjusted to one’s own taste.

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