Mint Margarita

Mint Margarita is a very refreshing soft drink. It is very good for skin. It also kills some of the bacteria that cause infection and boosts immune system. This drink is often served and liked with heavy meals as it enhances the digestion because most of its ingredients are those that helps speed up the metabism, like Himalayan black salt, mint leaves and lemon. Following is the recipe of this amazing soft drink.


These ingredients are for two glasses of mint margarita, you can increase or decrease according to your choice.

11 to 12 big mint leaves,
3 tbsp sugar,
¼ teaspoon table salt,
¼ teaspoon Himalayan black salt (kala namak),
7 to 8 ice cubes,
¼ glass water,
2 tbsp lemon juice,
2 glass any carbonated drink (transparent).


Take a blender, put the mint leaves, Himalayan black salt, sea salt, sugar and ¼ glass water in the blender. Give it a good grind. Open the jug and add the ice cubes in, again hit the blender button. Keep on blending until a slush type substance is made. When you see that all of the ice cubes are crushed well, add lemon juice and carbonated drink and again press the blender button but only for few seconds. Pour the mint margarita in the glasses, put a lemon slice on brim of the glass. Serve immediately and ENJOY!


If you do not have the Himalayan black salt, just skip it and simply add table salt. But we suggest adding the Himalayan black salt as it will give extra taste.

If you like it more minty, take one or two more leaves than the above mentioned recipe. However, if u want moderate minty taste, we recommend using 11 to 12 mint leaves.

Only put mint leaves, remove all the stems and extra stalks from the leaves.

Do not blend the carbonated drink too much or else it will release all the gases.

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