Muqaddar Drama Serial Review

Muqaddar Drama Serial Review, Muqaddar is drama of Geo Entertainment. It is written by Iqbal Bano while its director is Shehrazade Sheikh. This drama is the production of Abdullah Kadwani and Asad Qureshi (of their production house, 7th sky entertainment). The cast of this drama include; Faysal Qureshi (as Sardar Saif-ur-Rehman), Madiha Imam (as Raima), Ayesha Gul (as Farkhanda Begum, Sardar Saif-ur-Rehman’s first wife), Ali Ansari (as Haris Alvi, Raima’s cousin and fiancée), Haroon Shahid (as Saad, Sardar Saif-ur-Rehman’s nephew, Abeera’s fiancée and Raima’s classfellow), Shameen Khan (as Maham, Raima and Haris’s neighbor, who has a crush on Haris), Fazila Qaiser (as Bilquis, Haris’s mother), Saif-e-Hassan (as Alvi Sahib, Haris’ father), Sabeena Farooq (as Abeera, Sardar Saif-ur-Rehman’s daughter), Haris Waheed (as Hassan Sherazi, an actor and beloved of Abeera), Sabeena Syed (as Zara, Abeera’s friend), Birjees Farooqui (as Maham’s mother) and Shahzad Mukhtar (as Maham’s father).

The OST of drama serial Muqaddar is sung and composed by Sahir Ali Bhagga and Sehar Gul. The lyrics are written by Asim Raza.

Drama serial Muqaddar is the story of an RJ Raima Alvi who is an orphan and lives with his uncle and aunt. She is engaged to their son Haris, who she loves dearly. When she conducts an interview from Sardar Saif-ur-Rehman, he falls in love with her and kidnaps her. He marries her marries her forcefully threatening to kill Hairs. To protect Haris from his wrath, Raima not only agrees to marry him but also pretends in front of Haris that she was impressed by his status. Her uncle and aunt, however, know the truth of all her situation.

This drama serial also shows the story of Abeera, who is in love with an actor Hassan Sherazi. Her mother, Farkhanda Begum, does not like Hassan Sherazi as he is lower in status than theirs. So she bribes a journalist to scandalize him and thus destroying his image in Abeera’s mind.

Raima now wants to move to “Saif house” accepting her fate as Sardar Sahib’s second wife. But there she has to face the hatred and rage of his daughter and his wife. What will Abeera do now? Will she ever know the truth? Will Raima be able to face Abeera and Farkhanda begum?

For details watch the Drama.

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