New Research Model Needed to Cure Cancer

New Research Model Needed to Cure Cancer, Dr.Arza Raza is an international cancer expert. He said that it is necessary that to know the devastating effects of cancer at a higher level. Because it is very important to diagnose it. Aga Khan University, organized various lectures related to cancer, in these lectures discuss the related disease and their effects. She that said that our resources trying our best to treat and understand metastatic cancer and their effects. She suggests that we need more money to invest in them to find a new model for it and to find a solution to eliminating the first cell. In 2018, according to the American cancer society, in the US cancer patients spend $5.6 billion on treatment. As year by year passing their number has been increased.

New Research Model Needed

Day by day the number of cancer patients increased instead of reducing in number. So they find out that mutations are the root cause of these complications. In cells, mutations occur due to errors in DNA replications because mutations are genetic changes in cells. As a result of mutations, they produce abnormal cells that multiple in numbers rapidly and affect the normal functioning of cells and become a clot. This massive clot of abnormal cells is called a tumor and remission of these cells is impossible. Dr.Raza said that these mutations are giant cells and these cells are the first cells of cancer. She said that while treating acute myeloid leukemia I realized that this disease would not be cure during my lifetime.  During researches, it is found that solid tumors have 43 percent of giant cells. When the cancer is diagnosed there are millions of mutations in the body, and 0.1mm of the tumor has 300,000 cancerous cells in it. Dr. Raza said we are using old treatments like chemotherapy and surgery and two-third of cancer was cured by this. And he believes that by the time cure will arrive and maybe we will not alive to see it.

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