Nutritious and Tasteful Mixed Chicken Vegetables

Nutritious and tasteful mixed chicken vegetables:, Mixed vegetables are highly nutritious and the best part is that its taste can be adjusted as one’s own choice. From simple boiled mixed vegetables to spicy fried mixed vegetables all sorts of recipes are known world wide. In the following is the recipe of mixed chicken vegetables.


1 Chicken breast,
4 medium sized tomatoes,
1 big onion,
4 green chilies,
1 medium sized carrot,
1/2 medium sized cauliflower,
½ cup peas,
1 big potato,
2 bell peppers,
1 cup oil,
2 tbsp white vinegar,
1½ cup water,
1 tbsp ginger-garlic paste,
1 tbsp coriander,
1 tbsp salt,
⅓ teaspoon turmeric powder,
½ teaspoon garam masala,
½ tbsp red chili flakes,
½ tbsp black cumin seeds,
Parsley (for garnishing).


Follow the method to Nutritious and tasteful mixed chicken vegetables, Take a saucepan and add oil in it. When the oil becomes warm enough, add onion (thin julienne style) in it. Stir the onions until light golden. Now add ginger-garlic paste in it and again sauté until the ginger-garlic paste turns slightly golden. Put the tomatoes into this saucepan and cover with a lid for about 2 to 3 minutes on a medium low heat. Open the lid and mix gently, make sure that the tomatoes are fried well. After this, add the chicken breast into it which should be cut into equal sized cubes, along with it add the white vinegar and fry. This is the time for adding all the spices, so add all the spices and fry while continuously stirring for a minute or a half. When the chicken is fried well along with the spices, add peas, carrot (cut into small cubes) and potatoes into this saucepan- the potatoes should also be thinly diced, add 1 cup water and cover the lid. The heat should be medium low, when the water is all absorbed, add cauliflower, bell pepper and green chilies. Pour the remaining ½ cup water in it and put the green chilies. Cover the lid again, turn the heat to low. Keep on checking and stirring, so that the vegetables do not burn. When the water is all absorbed (roughly after 5 minutes), turn off the heat, dish out. Garnish with parsley and green chilies and SERVE.


If you like soft vegetables, you can increase the water and make them softer but if u like then whole then add low water.

Spices can be increased or decreased according to the taste, even these can be skipped completely.

All the vegetables stirring should be very gently, so to avoid the shape distortion.

If the peas are more mature and hard, boil them separately so that they are not left raw.

You can add or skip any vegetable of your choice.

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