Our Team

Website Administrator:

The pioneer of this website is overall the manager of the team.

Content Writer

The content writing team consists of highly qualified individuals with the qualifications of Post Doc and PhD in different areas, including politics, political economy, bio technology, social sciences, computer sciences, media and communications, visual and performing arts, internet technologies and anthropology.  we also provide services in the mentioned areas with nominal charges. There is a group of content writers who are management professionals, development professionals, social researchers and can help students with their project and post graduate level assignments, thesis compilation and research.


One of the qualified team is in the pool of UNDP, UNWomen and International and National NGO’s, we have a team of translators, proof readers for English, Urdu, Pashto languages.

Quality Control:

There is a monitoring team which reviews content and categories on the basis of different grades before putting it up on the website or other uploading spots. We are firm believers Do No Harm and anti-plagiarism.