Pakistan becomes head of the World Trade

Pakistan becomes head of the World Trade, In 2021, Pakistan has elected as the lead of the world trade organization. So Pakistan leads the committee on trade and development.

On 5th March, this news is announced by a tweet of Razaq Dawood. Razaq Dawood is the advisor on commerce. He said that under the supervision of Pakistan committee does its best. Under Pakistan’s leadership, the committee creates new opportunities and earns more investment, expand their trade. Also, their new opportunities will introduce in developing countries. It was established in 1965. Some developing countries facing problems regarding trade. They face different issues then the committee on trade and development (CTD) join hands with WTO development efforts and by working together they solved many issues regarding trade in developing countries.

Pakistan becomes head of the World Trade Organization’s Trade & Development committee

They do special technical assistance programs and differential treatment provisions.  It is a major part of WTO, so they are responsible for many organization’s initiates and help to boost the development and progress of developing countries. In Afghanistan, Mohammad Qurban chairs the committee of trade (CDI). Pakistan will pay the way for the progress of developing nations and play an important role in the election (CTD). Pakistan youth plays an important role in IT exports, youth is an important asset of Pakistan. They are role models for the coming generation. The news comes to that exports of Pakistan increases.  We pay thanks to development initiatives. Pakistan will get progress day by day with the help of youngsters and their exports will increase at peak. So now Pakistan becomes head of world trade and development committee their export will increase and the developing countries will come in the rank of developed countries if they keep working on their issue and their issue regarding every aspect resolve on the time.

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