Pakistan to launch three airlines soon

Pakistan to launch three airlines soon, Pakistan is going to launch three new airlines soon this is very important news for Pakistanis.

As the population is increasing day by day and as an increasing population the travel of Pakistan agency is growing day by day. So due to shortage of airlines sometimes collapse occur. Also due to the pandemic in 2020 Pakistan faces a loss in a travel agency. This is a good step towards an increase in Pakistan’s economy. Khaleej Times reported that Pakistan soon launches three airlines. They got regulatory approval from Pakistan civil aviation authority. These three airlines are named as Q-Airlines, Jet Green Airlines, and fly Jinnah Airlines. The Q-Airlines and Fly Jinnah Airlines process has been completed but the Jet Green Airlines process continued. ARY News reported about the process of application.

Pakistan to launch three airlines soon

For completion of scrutiny, first, the application was sent to the Aviation division and then to the federal cabinet for their further approval. The number of total carriers will rise to six in the country due to these three airlines. It covers 217 million population. The other three airlines are operating in the country are AirSial, SereneAir, and Air blue. PIA is the largest airline in the country. It is the oldest airline in the country. These three airlines must operate domestic flights for at least one year after one year they are allowed to launch international operations. In last year, the Islamabad-based airline that is Serene Airlines to bring Pakistani stranded in UAE. The serene airline also launches commercial operations with maiden flights when they got approval from UAE and Saudi authorities. We have to appreciate this decision of the new three Pakistan airlines because the day by day there is a need for an increase in Pakistan’s economy as there is a lot of loss occur due to pandemics.

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