Prevalence and Risk Factors of Anemia in Pregnant Women

Prevalence and Risk Factors of Anemia in Pregnant Women, This study on the prevalence and risk factors of anemia in pregnant women was conducted in the Khyber Pukhtoon Khwa province of Pakistan.

Anemia in pregnant women is well documented across the country. It is increasingly recognised as a major health problem and is considered as 8th main cause of disease in female. The Global prevalence of anaemia in pregnant women is well defined, but in Pakistan there are many areas where the exploring of this problem cannot be carried out at all. It is one of the studies that provided a roadmap for the policy makers in the development of national strategy on prevention and control of anemia.

This study was survey type and experimental research was not done in it. The questionnaire consisted of certain questions, like; name, age, residence, education and occupation of both the spouses, their socio-economic status, age of marriage, number of pregnancy (gravidity), month of pregnancy for determining the trimester, family type (either nuclear or joint family), domestic violence, haemoglobin level, height and weight of the pregnant female. The sample size consisted of 200 pregnant females. This questionnaire was filled and then the subjects were categorised on the basis of their HB level in moderate, mild and severe anemia.

Out of the 200, 53.5% cases were non-anemic and 46.5% were anemic. In the anaemic group, no cases of severe anaemia was recorded. Moderate anaemia was reported in 18% and mild anaemia was 28.5% in pregnant females. The age range of the pregnant women vary from 15 to 38 years and socio-economic limit also varied from lowest to the highest.

The main factors of anaemia in these pregnant women were observed to be illiteracy and low level of education. The socio-economic status, domestic violence, grand multi-gravidity, lack of health centres and health awareness programs.

So, the government and people should make their efforts to lower the risk factors and prevalence of anaemia among them especially the pregnant female.

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