PUBG or No PUBG that is the Question?

PUBG or No PUBG that is the question? The prayers of many Pakistani mothers were heard by Almighty when at last PUBG was temporary banned by the PTA (Pakistan Telecommunication Authority), the incident of a young man committing suicide due to his defeat in the game by the other players has nothing to do with the game but a lot to do with the Pakistani mind set of not accepting defeat even in the game.

So here we go, we banned the game, and we are not teaching our children and youngsters the ethics of sports and games rather teaching them the glory of win and misery of loss. We do not teach them to learn a lesson from their mistakes in the game. Which cause them a defeat rather we taught our young generation that losing a game is shameful so the easy way out is DIYING.

I have been a player of PUBG learnt few productive things. That you win when you work as team, you help each other to defeat a common enemy, you learn to strategize, you pull a weak player and you learn to motivate those who are at the verge of losing.

If I analyze correctly there are some lacunas in the game design particularly giving no age restriction for people playing, every child can access PUBG which can inculcate violence in immature minds, hatred can be promoted for example India and Pakistani player make it a war, game is turned into a combat fight with quite an abusive commentary.

Is it the Fault of the PUBG?? Or the Parents who have not trained their children about the positive aspect of a GAME. They have given access of cellphone, laptops, iPad, and other gadgets but without responsible use. That atmosphere in each home is suffocating that children and young boys and girls would rather play “violent games” then set with their siblings and parents. Mothers are busy in TikTok, Facebook and other social media forums, fathers are busy in watching the jugglery of politicians in current affair programs. So nether we can blame children nor game developers.

Government has failed to provide entertainment to youngsters. The whole body exercises is reduced to fingers only and playgrounds are reduced to Players Unknown Battle Ground (PUBG). The government only establishes its writ through banning, parents take away the cell phone and children takeaway their lives.

Sala system he kharab hay

One or two incidents should not decide the fate of PUBG or other games at the same time PUBG is not responsible for the weak social fabric, and lack of mentoring by parents and teachers, and non-provision of recreational facilities by the government.

Today you can ban PUBG but you cannot stop violence against women, gender based violence, gun violence, killing, sectarian violence and other crimes that damage humanity. Also banning PUBG will not reduce suicide ratio in Pakistan!

PUBG or No PUBG that is the Question? which will not be answered until and unless we as a nation improve on our education, trainings and teaching to youngsters.

VPN servers will help the addicts of the game to play it. what ever means they use for it.

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