Social Group and its Types

Social Group and its Types, Social group is the interaction between two or more individuals with same or different interests. The temporary relationship between a customer and shopkeeper is also a social group thought their goal is different. Similarly, a group of students learning together, with same objective, is also a social group. Thus, in a social group the important thing is interaction and communication, same or different opinion, objective even physical closeness is not necessary.

Types of social group:

Different types of social group are as follows.

  1. In group:

In groups are those groups about which we have a “we feeling”. For example; “We the Pakistanis”, they the Chinese. In this example, all the Pakistanis in a broad sense are considered as one community. Such groups are called In groups.

  1. Out group:

Out groups are those groups about which we have a “they feeling”. It is the opposite of In group. In the above example, “they the Chinese” is the out group.

  1. Primary group:

Primary group is a group where there is close relationship, informal relationship and communication and it is durable. A group must have these three basic qualities to be called a primary group.

For example; family.

A group which is formal, temporary and with no close relationship is called a secondary group.

  1. Secondary group:

For example; relationship between customer and shopkeeper, both the parties communicate formally, temporarily and with no personal attachment.

  1. Vested interest group:

Vested interest group is a group of individual for same personal agenda. They work for themselves to strengthen themselves only, they have no interest in strengthening the whole society.

For example; the Chaudhari or wadera system, they resist to their people’s development in order to keep themselves superior. Khanate system is also an example of vested interest group.

  1. Pressure group:

Its is a group of people having specific agenda. They used various blackmailing and pressure tactics in order to pressurize the authorities concerned and to make decisions in their favour. It may be positive or negative depending upon their positive or negative purpose.

For example; Taliban.

  1. Peer group:

Peer group is a group of individual having the same socio economic status, often their age is also the same (not necessarily). From socioeconomic status here we mean some recognized position of the society.

For example; students of a same class or colleagues.

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