Social Media vs Security

Social Media vs Security, In today’s age, nearly everyone has an access to the social media and is using it. But is it safe to use it? Is the social media causing any problem for you? Can it cause any problem in your life?

Take an example, a few days ago in a party some girls were enjoying, making pictures and videos- just the normal fun stuff that some friends do, there was nothing bad with that. After all they were trusted friends. But after some days, her brother came home and showed a video clip of her sister dancing- yes the video went viral. Living in a Pakistani society, anyone can easily imagine what damage it would have done to the family?

There was nothing bad in the party, nothing objectionable happened, just fun stuff. After going through a long series of investigations, they found that one of the girls had sold her cell phone she said that she had deleted all the data from the phone before selling it.

What happened here was that the person who bought it just applied data recovery software on it and restored all the data; using some of it he started blackmailing some girls and made some videos viral.

These types are incidents are very usual nowadays. All we can do is to be careful. These things may be beneficial but they are really devastating if it comes to its harmful side.

This was just a simple case in which the person was easily detected. Do you know that data that you send to your trusted friend via WhatsApp, Instagram and Twitter etc, can also be hacked? A person came with the problem that I formatted my cell phone and deleted my WhatsApp account before selling it and even then somebody recovered his data from the WhatsApp.

When detailed investigation was done, it was found that the person who had hacked did a very simple thing, after purchasing his cell phone he gave the previous owner’s number and then made a fake call saying that he did an EasyPaisa transfer in emergency and out of tension he gave the wrong number and the code number has now been sent to that wrong number.

He is in emergency and his mother or father is in the hospital so if he would be kind enough to send him the code he has received and out of sympathy the person did so. The hacker dropped the call and got the code, what code that actually was? That was the WhatsApp code of that person who he intended to hack and he did so very easily. Actually it is not hacking in reality its kind of fraud.

There are hundreds of such stories. All you need to do is be very careful. Other than the recognized apps never allow the apps to access your recording and media etc, you might have noticed that whenever you are downloading some mobile app they ask your permission to access certain features like (Camera, Microphone, Photo Gallery, Location, Contacts and some other basic stuff ) in your mobile phone. So keep in mind that if you are giving them access to that, they can easily access your location, gallery, contacts and other granted permissions that you have allowed.

When you are sending some personal pictures to your spouse, in the first place never take or send an objectionable content and secondly if you send any picture just delete it immediately from you mobile phone storage, because there are certain apps that have access to your phone media.

Those apps may cause problems to you. When you are selling your mobile phone press the reset factory button 3 to 4 times, format your storage and then load its storage full using some songs or films again format and factory reset. Repeat this procedure 3 to 4 times.

Note: According to a researcher 1 GB memory card can store 8 GB of deleted data. Once it is formatted new data is over write on it and previous data gets deleted slowly and gradually. The statement that 1 GB can store 8 GB of deleted data can be true. You can do this experiment by yourself by using some free data recovery software’s. Then think that if someone purchase that data recovery software then how easily recovery will be possible.

Let me share my experience so what I will suggest not to sell your phone or those electronic gadgets which was once used in your personal work. For the safety destroy the storage device yourself. If you think that nothing was that personal and still you want to sell the device so format it. Then copy movies in it and fill it up to the end. Then again format it. Repeat this process 4 to 5 times. Then make partition in it some random partitions. Then again copy some movies in it and again format it.

Some other precautions:
Keep your password secure and do not share it with someone else.
Connect your IDs or other email accounts with your personal mobile number. so that in case of password loss or theft you can recover it from your mobile number.
Turn on Two step verification on all of your account.

This simple step will make your data / accounts/ privacy, unrecoverable even by the data recovery software’s. Always be careful using such things, never allow your kids on the internet and social media and if they have some access keep a very strict eye on them. Simple mistakes and negligence have brought people on the verge of suicide.

More over in Pakistan the department which deals these kind of cases is
FIA Cyber Crime. Website

HELP LINE : 9911


Above is the helpline of FIA Cyber Crime Wing in case of any mishap one can directly call on above number for further guidance. To contact just type your city code and 9911 from mobile.

Example: If you are in Islamabad (051 9911), or Karachi ( 021 9911)

We want you to have a safe and happy life.

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Social Media vs Security Social Media vs Security Social Media vs Security

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