Sultan Abdul Hameed II

Sultan Abdul Hameed II was the 34th and last sultan of the Ottoman Empire having true influence. Sultan Abdul Hameed was born on 7th September, 1842 in the Topkapi Palace Istanbul, Turkey. His father was Sultan Abdul Majeed I and Tirimüjdan Kadin was his mother.

His mother died when Sultan was very young and so Perestu Kadin (Sultan Abdul Majeed I’s another wife) adopted him. He loved and respected her so much that after accession to the throne instead of his wives, he gave “The Sultana” title to her.

He was an excellent rider, swimmer and extra ordinary carpenter. After accession to the throne he had to give up many of his hobbies due to the busy schedule. However, he would do carpentering in his free time. He would gift his work or sell them and spend the money on poors. His extra ordinary skills as a carpenter can still be seen in certain Ottoman palaces in Turkey even today.

Sultan Abdul Hameed ascended to the throne when he was 34 years old, when his brother Sultan Murad Khamis (V) was deposed. Sultan Abdul Hameed was one of the greatest sultan of the Ottoman empire, and some even think that after Sultan Suleman Alqanooni he was the most influential and greatest sultan. His enemies would tremble upon hearing his name.

When he was ascended to the throne, it was the time when the Ottoman empire was going through its worst phase and was falling apart. Sultan through his extra ordinary leading skills not only took out the empire from a hard phase but also extended the time period of the Ottoman empire by 33 glorified years.

The empire was facing threats from European countries and was sunk in debts (estimated to be 252 million Ottoman Lira in gold), which he fought and settled through his sharp and genius economical policy to 1/10th. He opened many schools, khanqah and hospitals throughout the state. Hijaz railway was also one of his many deeds.

He had to face many difficulties like; Rumelia revolts, rebellion by the Arabs, Armenians and Kurds and treachery among his own Vazirs. Despite all these difficulties Sultan never lost hope and worked very hard for the state. He was always just and fair. He was a religious man, who would never miss a prayer or fasts.

Sultan Abdul Hameed was deposed and spent his last 9 years of life in Beylerbeyi Palace, Bosphorus studying and spending time with his family. The day he was to be deposed, coming out of the Yildiz Palace he only had a small bag in his hand and nothing else. This is the proof how honest and great leader he was.

On 10th feburary, 1918 Sultan died and was buried in Istanbul. After his death, seeing the Ottoman empire falling apart many of his Pasha confessed that they were wrong to revolt against him. He only cared for Islam, Muslims and his state. Even many European politicians praised him, how kind and welcoming he was and at the same time how furious if anybody made any threat to the Muslim World.

May his soul rest in peace.

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