Tamarind Sauce Recipe (املی کی چٹنی )

Tamarind Sauce Recipe Tamarind is a good exfoliating agent. It boosts up the immune system and improves the digestive system. It lightens the skin tone and works against the hair loss. It also helps in reducing weight.

It can be consumed by adding it into the food, as a juice or even as a sauce. In the following is the recipe for tamarind sauce also called imli ke chatni.


Tamarind 1 kg,
Sugar 6 and a half glasses,
Salt 6 tablespoons full,
Red chilli flakes 6, tablespoons,
Black pepper 4 to 5 tablespoons,
White vinegar half cup.


Keep the tamarind in hot water for about 2 to 3 hours. Then rub it well and strain the thick tamarind water in another big pot. Transfer the tamarind from the strainer into a small pot and again rub it well. Pour the tamarind water into the same pot which was used earlier for the same purpose. Keep in repeating this method until all of the tamarind is separated from the seeds. Discard the seeds, and process further with this big pot containing strained tamarind.

Put this pot on a stove, bring it to boil and turn the stove to medium low. Add the sugar. When the sugar dissolves, add all the above mentioned ingredients one by one. Keep on stirring until all the ingredients are dissolved and the watery appearance turns into sauce like. Now at this stage, if you want thicker sauce heat it further. However, it is suggested to keep it a bit smooth and thin because when it cools down, it will turn a bit thick.

Once cold fill up your jars, it will last for several days.


The spices can be adjusted totally according to one’s own taste.

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