Tarky waly Chawal or Sada Pulao

Tarky waly Chawal/ Sada Pulao is made from just few ingredients. The best thing about it is that it can be served with simple yogurt, raaita, podeny ke chatni, chicken curry, chicken kaddu curry, alu gosht etc. Even you can serve shaami kabab with it. So it gives many options to a person for serving many dishes with it. With our simple recipe you can make it very easily.


1 glass rice ( pre soaked for 1 hour),
1 medium sized onion,
2 medium sized tomatoes,
2 serving spoon oil,
1⅓ tbsp salt,
½ tbsp black cumin seeds,
⅓ tbsp garm masala (not very finely ground),
½ tbsp red chili flakes,
3 green chilies,
2 glasses of water.


Take oil in a dish in which you want to cook the rice. Add finely sliced onions and fry them until their color turn slight brownish (golden brown). Now add tomatoes into it, fry it for a minute or two and cover the lid turning the heat to low.

After about 5 minutes, remove the lid and fry the tomatoes until a thick puree is formed ( consistency is not necessary). Turn the heat to medium low.

Now add all the dry spices and fry them well. You can check this by their aroma. Add boiling water into it and rice. When the water starts bubbling cover the lid.

After 20 minutes, mix the rice with a very gently hand, add the green chilies and cover the lid. Turn the heat to low. Check after 5 minutes, if all the water is absorbed then dish it out and SERVE 🙂


Do not sauté the rice, or else you will break the rice.
Some people like a bit soft rice- for them, add ½ glass additional water.

1 glass will make 3 plates of rice, now you can increase or decrease according to your family members.

You can also cook it in the pressure cooker. Do all the given procedure and in the end when you add rice, give 2 minutes in the pressure cooker (sharp 2 minutes).

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