The power of Silence

The power of Silence sounds strange right! Silence is a big power, whoever keeps it never lose their dignity and grace. If somebody is having a grudge with you and you have an argument with them, if you are wrong or even at a slightest mistake always apologize but if you come clear, never talk back.

There are two types of conditions here if you talk, the person has already set his mind upon something and you can never change it. Now in this case you are just wasting your energy by trying to convince him. So better just keep quite.

In the second condition, no matter what you say the other person- since has some sort of grudge with you, will always derive something negative from whatever you say. So, again in such condition you are wasting your energy by trying to clarify it.

If you don’t have a fault in some matter and the other party is upset on some issue and blames you. Just keep quiet, no matter how far they go in their anger keep your silence. Anger always shows how much a person is capable of negativity.

It’s one of those feeling that takes control of a person’s mind completely and at that time you can read his true face. On the other hand, remaining silent gives you a difficult time at that specific moment but later on you never feel ashamed of using bad words or more importantly if you are at fault it saves you from the unnecessary embarrassment that you would have gone through if you had accused the other person.

If someone is fighting with you, keeping silent gives you peace of mind. For a minute consider the situation, a person said something to you and you decide to confront them, in this confrontation you said one thing the person said some more then you talk then the other person talk, this goes on and on until either you or the other person submits.

Now, that one thing has become so long and some additional talks have been added so before the argument it was one thing that was disturbing you and now it’s a series of things plus your anger and mental fatigue that has disturbed your metal peace.

Instead of prolonging the fights, try to remain calm and quite. Even if somebody is accusing you of something and instead of explaining thing just keep quite. Let the time explain it to them and that will be a lesson for them, because in this process you didn’t lose your self-esteem and elegance. When you explain things, the other person might have some sort of doubt over your statements but when the time explains then there is no chance of doubt.

If you are being accused of something, explain it one time. If the person tries to understand you will get it but if he doesn’t, never try to explain again because you are now just wasting your time and energy, since he is not even considering your explanation.

Always try to give people goodness and positivity, if you cannot do that just keep quite. You never know what a person is going through, so instead of increasing his burden if you remain quite, Allah will grant you something more in return.

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