Women’s Financial Stability

Women’s Financial Stability is very important. But what does it means? Financial stability means when a person can easily meet his basic living quality. It includes living, clothing, food, some appropriate outings, keeping an appropriate give and take with people.

However, financial stability is different in every individuals opinion. Some say they are stable when they can provide their family with good food, clothing and living (the basic needs) and some even having a good ride, livings and a luxurious life style call themselves unstable. This is actually because of the goals that they have set for themselves to achieve.

Women’s financial stability means that they are able to survive on their own. Of course, according to Islam a husband or father is responsible for the ladies of the house, but still in today’s world a women must be financially stable. She should not totally rely on someone other than herself.

This financial stability is very important for the women. They should be ready to face any problem if their husband is away or if their father is not there. It is also important if someone’s breadwinner dies, a lot of problems will come their way but if they are financially stable, the problems will still come but they will have a bit satisfaction of the financial issues.

Even if you come from a well to do family, still its very important to make your children especially daughters and sisters able to provide for themselves. If you own a company, you should still let your females let to play the part in the society.

Some females are hesitant and can not ask for extra money for some affairs, so they should be able to meet their requirements by themselves.

Teach your children some skill. Its not only Islamic way but it will also set their life in a direction. Instead of wasting time and diverting their attention to immoral activities or dangerous adventures, they will become responsible.

If not all they will be able to meet at least one of their needs, of course parental support and guidance will be there all the time. Don’t treat and grow your daughters and sisters into princesses, make them fighters, make them warriors.

And ladies!
If you are earning, it doesn’t make you superior to your man. You both are equal as Islam has taught. Your first priority is your family and if you are doing a job, business etc, you’re are doing a great job.

If you are stay at home wife, that doesn’t make you inferior. Staying at home taking care of your family, doing all the chore or supervising them is also a big responsibility.

We all should just try to play our role in the progress of the country and nation. It doesn’t matter which thing are you doing, the important thing is a positive and fruitful contribution. Small or big also doesn’t matter, the thing which matters is don’t be completely idle. We have to make our nation and country strong, together we will stand.

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