Zebaish Drama Serial Review

Zebaish Drama Serial Review, Drama serial Zebaish is drama presented by HUM TV. It is written by the well known actress, comedian, singer and story writer Bushra Ansri. It is directed by Iqbal Hussain.

It is produced by Momina Duraid Production. The cast of drama serial Zebaish include some very talented actors and actresses like; Zara Noor Abbas (as Noushaba/ Noushi who is the daughter of Pirzada Nafees-ud-din and Nadra Bai), Asad Siddiqui (as Nadeem, fiancée of Naushi), Bushra Ansari (as Shahana Sultan, Nadeem’s mother), Asma Abbas (as Nadira who was a dancer, Pirzada Nafees-ud-din’s wife and Noushaba’s mother), Zoya Nasir (as Natasha/ Tashi, Daughter of Javed’s Munshi), Babar Ali (as Pervaiz, Javed’s best friend and secret admirer of Shahana Sultan), Qavi Khan (as Pir Sahab, Noushaba’s grandfather and Pirzada Wasif and Nafeesudin’s uncle), Adnan Shah Tipu (as Pirzada Qasim), Shabbir Jan (as Javed, an alcoholic racer, gambler, lawyer, Shahana’s first husband), Iqbal Hussain (as Pir Wasif, Pirzada Nafees-ud-din’s brother and Pirzadi Salma’s husband), Shaheen Khan (munshi’s widow, Natasha’s mother) and more.

Drama serial Zebaish is the story of a girl Naushaba who does not know that her mother was a dancer before marrying her father. After shooting Pirzada Nafees-ud-din, Naushi’s uncle Pir Wasif wants to marry her off to Pirzada Qasim, who already has two wives and mistreats them badly.

Both Naushi and her mother somehow escape them and they accidentally run into a famous film star Shahana Sultan. In the past, Shahana Sultan and Nadira had been so much close that they considered each other as sisters. She brings them home and gets her son Nadeem engaged to Naushi seeing his interest.

This drama serial is also the story of Shahana Sultan, who loves her husband dearly despite of his bad habits. Her husband, Javed, cannot bear that his wife earns more than him and taunts her for her profession and not being a household wife.

When Javed’s munshi dies, he marries his widow and divorces Shahana Sultan. Munshi’s daughter Natasha tricks Nadeem and marries him, who has left Naushi due to some unfortunate incident.

Will Javed realize that he made a mistake by leaving Shahana Sultan? Will Naushi escape his uncle? Will Nadeem find his wife’s true face? And what will come in Shahana Sultan’s life? Watch the drama for interesting details.

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